Played by CrabManCarl
Personal Information
Full Name Carl Man Crab
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Species Human Crab
Occupation Business Man

CrabManCarl is a business man of the store that Taurtis, Sam, and other students go to constantly. There are certain occasions that he is working someplace else temporarily.


CrabManCarl has the appearance of a red sea crab, in a humanoid form. He wears Tuxedos alot of the times in the Yandere High School series.


CrabManCarl is a cheerful crab, who accepts new things even if they seem strange.  

He has a good sense of reasoning and bargaining. After about every other sentence he would add a "Wololo" either to finish a sentence or a sound of happiness. 


CrabManCarl is good friends with PufferFish Pete, both as a friend, and as a fellow Co-Worker. They always work together in business benefiting from the other and themselves.