Episodes 29 and 30 feature a SWAT team lead by Sam infiltrating a hospital that is being used as a base by aliens, or humans who have been taken over by aliens. Sam's team attacks and kills the following targets:

  • the first target appeared to be an old lady, but she could levitate, and when she died she didn't drop either human or alien blood, just rotten flesh, which suggests she may actually have been a vampire or some other monster
  • the second target was Tronald Drump, who avoided the question of how many legs humans have, and accused Grian of being Irish (when every human knows he is actually Australian); upon dying, he dropped credit cards and special sugar, but no human blood or other definitive biological remains
  • the third target was Old Guy Jenkins, who revealed his alien form to the SWAT team after being shot in the leg by Sam; his remains included alien blood and a sword which Sam described as "some crazy alien stuff"
  • the fourth target was Beard Star, who gave a gender binary answer to Grian's question about human genders (and followed it up with a male supremacist opinion on the two genders), but Sam interpreted this as not "taking everyone into account" and thus evidence of being an alien; his death revealed he was actually human though, as he dropped normal human blood
  • the fifth target was Grandma Gumbo, who had problems hearing or understanding Sam's questions, but Sam was convinced was an alien, despite the human blood she dropped, as noticed by Grian
  • the sixth target was seemingly a male patient at the hospital, who wouldn't speak, and who Sam addressed generically as "Buster"; after being assaulted by the SWAT team, his alien form was revealed, and he was killed at the start of the next episode, dropping alien blood

Also as part of this mission, Sam's team suffers their own loss:

  • "Mustache guy" - One of the SWAT team members in episode 29 was killed during the fight against Old Guy Jenkins, possibly as a tragic result of friendly fire (his remains included his gun, ammo and human blood)
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