• Old Man Garfunkle - The first episode of this story arc, which involves an alien spaceship arriving in Tokyo, has the boys take a helicopter ride from the hospital to the entrace of the spaceship, bringing this senior gentleman along with them; unfortunately when he tries to demonstrate how to jump between the hovering helicopter and the spaceship entrance, he misses and falls to his death
  • DoughBoy - This alien on the spaceship in the first of the special episodes was accidentally killed while being transported from a tube to the main open area of a deck, because Jeice forgot to turn off the grinder
  • Doraemon - Also in the first special episode, this alien gets killed by the same grinder, after standing under the output pipe that DoughBoy was supposed to appear from
  • Jeice - In the same episode, Jeice ends up dying too, not because of the grinder but in a fire fight with Sam, Grian and Taurtis
  • Froggo - While looking for the core of the alien ship in the first One Punch Man special, Sam and co. find this alien and end up killing him after being threatened
  • Swat27 and Droblo - After sparing the life of DoughierBoy, our heroes continue searching for the core of the ship in the second episode of the special, but find two aliens engaging in a seemingly intimate act together; they are interrupted by DoughierBoy who leads them into an ambush where Sam directs the attack that kills the two aliens
  • Melonie, Goof, Whitenoise, Clawee, Joelle, and Kulu - Later in the second special episode, Goof charges to reach his final form, in preparation for attacking Sam, but this charging causes his 5 alien crewmates to die, and he himself dies shortly after when shot by Sam
  • Boros - The apparent leader of the aliens fights Taurtis on the roof of the ship in the finale of these special episodes, but Taurtis manages to deliver the killing blow with his bare hands
  • 5000 Zargonians? - Also in the finale, Sam says "We also killed all of your people" to DoughierBoy, and in episode 36 he says he "blew that place up" referring to the spaceship (explaining why it is no longer visible in the skyline that episode); it is not strictly confirmed that anyone other than the named aliens above were killed, but it is possible that some died in the explosion or the crash that likely followed, and DoughierBoy had previously indicated that the invasion force might have contained at least 5000 aliens
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