Dom is a main character and a student at Yandere High School.  He was once a bully (especially toward Sam) and lived with his father Mr. Dorito.

However, his father kicked his son out, calling Dom an "abusive son". Dom has lived under a bridge and possibly a dumpster, and is often covered in dirt with ripped clothes.

His love interests have been shown to have rather masculine qualities (Invader's beard and general appearance) or male altogether (Samantha/Taurissa) with very little feminine qualities.

In the Christmas Special, Dom disguises himself as the Drinch.


Dom has middle length brown hair with big eyebrows. He most of the time wearing the male standard school uniform along with white shoes and his blue cap.

Since Mr. Dorito kicks him out, Dom can be seen with less and less clothes as the episodes go by.


Dom acted like a brat most of the time and is a bit mean and aggressive toward Sam and Taurtis. He is also describe by his dad as an abusive son which is most likely true since Dom is rather aggressive toward him most of time. Later on in the episode " Father's Day ", Dom was chosen by Paul Blart since Invader didn't show up. Dom was pleasently nicer to Paul Blart.

After he got kicked out by Mr. Dorito, Dom seems to soften a bit and he becomes a bit more friendly toward Sam and Taurtis, accepting their presence around him and even propose to help them if they can pay him.

In the Season 1 Finale, Dom is shown to have grown more fond to Sam, Taurtis and Grian. Even going as far as hugging Sam. And now, instead of enemies it can be assumed that Dom and the others are now friends.


Love InterestsEdit

Invader is Dom ex-girlfriend and he is really jealous and possessive of her.

Taurtis and Dom don't interact much, though Dom has shown that he doesn't mind Taurtis and only hates Sam in the Halloween Special. When Taurtis was dressed as his alter-ego Taurissa, Dom developed a crush on "her".

Sam and Dom don't go along very well and fight from time to time. When Sam was dressed as his alter-ego Samantha, Dom developed a crush on "her".


Dom doesn't have a great relationship with his father and the two of them don't seem to get along that well. Mr.Dorito kicked his son and even called Dom abusive toward him.

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