Dr. NurseMD
Played by InvaderGaming
Personal Information
Full Name Jangus Lipperbottom
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Species Human
Occupation Teacher, Nurse

Dr Nurse MD is one of Sam, Taurtis and Grian's teacher. He is like an uncle to Invader. He teaches the medical class at the Tokyo Highschool. He is a very crazy teacher and loves to give detention to students, and gave the 'medical' form of giving a choking student Manga and it is revealed that it works.



Dr. NurseMD is a crazy teacher, insisting on teaching students in crazy ways. Grian is known from time to time (more like everyday) getting detentions from Dr. NurseMD, because of Grian's excuses of his foul teaching skills.


The director has high trust in Dr Nurse and even gave him a rise after Grian's complaint.


  • His email adress is
  • Likes to give Grian detentions
  • He is like an uncle to Invader after teaching her how to shave her beard
  • He first introduced himself as Jangus Lipperbottom in S2E3.
  • In S2E38 he reveals that he is from Canada