Jin is a minor character in Tokyo soul. We are introduced to Jin, as an old friend of Sam's, in episode 25 of Tokyo Soul. Jin is a native of Japan, having lived in Kyoto before taking the train to Tokyo where Sam and co. meet him at the station.

Appearance Edit

Jin has black hair and brown eyes. He's also one of the few characters to wear a cape, and his is magenta.

Personality Edit

While most inhabitants of Tokyo in the series seem to accept the unusual events that take place around them, Jin seems to find them more unsettling.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 26, he sums up his reaction to arriving in Tokyo: "So, just to recap: the first, what(?) ten - fifteen minutes I've been in Tokyo, you guys gave me packaged feces, we broke into someone's house, and Grian turned into an alien and you shot him in the leg. ... I like this city!"