Mr.Dorito is a supporting antagonist in Yandere high school. He is first seen in the episode "Mr.Dorito", but is talked about earlier when Sam and Taurtis lose their house. He is Dom's dad, but he kicks Dom out of their house saying he is an "Abusive Son." He was mentioned partially in Tokyo Soul.


Mr. Dorito has two big eyebrows that matches his black mustache that is a mix between a Dali and a Handlebar.

He also wears a gold monocle on his right black eye. Mr. Dorito normally wears a grey suit with a red tie matching the bright color of his hair.


Mr. Dorito is a grumpy/stupid old man that didn't hesitate to fill a lawsuit against Sam and Taurtis for the Torito's incident, before evicting them from their house to live in it with his son Dom. He also threatens people to sue when something doesn't go like he wants it to.

Even if Mr. Dorito seems harsh and mean at first sight, he is actually a big scardy-cat that flew danger instead of fighting back. He also describes himself as a "Fragile old man" when begging Sam, Taurtis, Grian and Dom to don't hurt him when they broke into his house to claim money.



Mr. Dorito doesn't have a great relationship with his son and the two of them don't get along well. Mr. Dorito even kicks Dom out of the house, forcing him to leave under a bridge and go as far as accusing his son of being abusive toward him.


  • He is very rich and practically blind.
  • He owns a Youtube account where he makes "let's plays" of Minecraft.
  • According to Dom, he is very weak.
  • He is also homophobic as shown when he kicked Dom out of the house for kissing sam.