Paul Blart is a main character in Yandere high school and Yandere and a posthumous character in Tokyo Soul. he is a mall Cop who is often seen around the school and surrounding towns, patrolling to detect crimes, and sometimes disguising himself among everyday objects such as bushes.

He is the father of Invader, and sometimes pretends to be a school student in order to keep an eye on what's happening in the classes.

After telling Yuki how he killed her dad, Yuki followed him, Sam, Taurtis, Grian and Stanley. Paul didn't hide like the rest of the group and got his head cut by Yuki after telling her a bad knock knock joke. (Knock knock - Who's there? - Not your dad!") Sam and friends then found Paul's severed head being the scene.


Paul Blart has short brown hair along with black eyes. He also has a brown Mexican style moustache. 

Paul Blart wears a uniform that consist of a white blouse with short sleeve along with a black tie and a badge. He also wears a black pant with shoes the same color.


Paul Blart is sneaky, kind, strict, and is always on duty, like stalking Sam and Taurtis over and over.


Invader is Paul's daughter and the two of them are close.


  • Paul Blart's character is based from the character of the same name from the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop by Steve Carr and Kevin James.
  • DrNurseMD claims in s2e38 that Paul (along with himself and Invader) "lived in Canada before Japan".
  • In s2e49, DrNurseMD also reveals that Paul was born in Tokyo, and is thus buried in a cemetery there, his remains housed in a grand sepulchre.
  • The combination of DrNurseMD's claims suggests that Paul was born in a hospital in Tokyo to vacationing Canadian parents, who returned to Canada after his birth to raise him there, before he moved to his country of birth for work. Alternatively, this discrepancy could be due to s2e49 taking place in a different timeline.
  • Paul is indirectly a reason why the Yakuza are out for Sam and Taurtis as he gave the Yakuza their names in exchange for chimichangas.
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