Sookie Yaki, is a supporting character in the roleplay and also a student of Akademi High School. She is a classmate of Sam's who is well aware of his feelings for her, however she doesn't return them considering she is a lesbian and also in a relationship with Soul.


Sookie has red hair and black eyes, however unlike the other students, she has dark green skin.

She wears a typical Japanese school uniform - a sailor fuku - which is navy blue.


Sookie is friendly, especially toward other girls and seems a bit a good with boys. She is also kind, feeling a bit sorry for Sam in the beginning, but grows into being a bit uncomfortable when Sam is hitting on her, not knowing how to react to his sudden interest in her person since she doesn't reciprocate his feelings.

Sookie is a lesbian(female homosexual). After Sam dresses up as a girl in order to win her back, she starts to develop feelings for him but is angry and heartbroken when she finds out it was all a lie.

Soon after, Sam and Sookie remain friends and Sam tries to make her jealous by going out with Yuki but it doesn't work.


Love Interest

Sookie and Soul are dating.


  • She, apart from Soul, is the only known lesbian in the roleplay.
  • Sookie is also known by the name Sook Sook (or Pook Pook, based on the character Pookie from a manga Sam invented).
  • She dropped or put a note on Salex's grave saying "See you soon...", which could suggest Sookie later commited suicide. It was confirmed by a saying in Tokyo Soul when Okami says "Not much of your friends are there anymore..."
  • She is the first character to have red hair.