Episode 52
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Voice Narrator(s) @samgladiator
Air Date April 21, 2016
Minutes 21:18
Characters Sam
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Episode 52 - ZOMBIE MINIONS! is the fifty-second episode of the sequel series, Tokyo Soul.

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Sam, having noticed the fire outside their house, called for Grian, who was also shocked. Not knowing anything, they are filled in and informed by a Chap-Jerry. Apparently, due to the power of the Necronomicon, DastardlyDom obtained the power over all the minions on the street. These minions were zombies, evident when they ate ShipCaptainSion, a friend from Akademi High School.

When the three tried to escape their home, Jerry was unfortunately consumed. Sam and Grian was also able to spot Taurtis, who became a minion. They then strategically escaped their house and went on a search to find the cure. Going to the power station for the cure, they discovered that their good superhero friend, CaptainRadiator, was the reason why the minions were created in the first place. Sacrificing his life, CaptainRadiator died for the boys, leaving them to escape the minions once again, but now obtaining the supposed "cure".

Upon seeing Taurtis the minion, Sam and Grian lured him out with Toritos and Pufferfish. Once they trapped him, they knocked him unconscious and forcefully shoved the cure down his throat. The result of the cure ended with Taurtis dying, meaning the it wasn't really a cure at all. They then decided to deal with DastardlyDom and get the Necronomicon back.

Sam and Grian then headed to Dom's lair, infiltrating the place only to meet with Dom head on. They were easily able to overpower the minion servant and as a team, the two was able to kill Dom. Grian retrieved the Necronomicon, uniting with it once again and Sam gave him Dom's sword to fend himself as the minions came for them. During their fight with the minions, they came to a conclusion that they had to go to another time lapse and take the Taurtis within that parallel world for them.


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Tokyo Soul - ZOMBIE MINIONS! 52 (Minecraft Roleplay)

Tokyo Soul - ZOMBIE MINIONS! 52 (Minecraft Roleplay)