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Minecraft Roleplay Series

Sam is no longer friends with Taurtis and Grian in real life. (He posted a video on October 28th 2016, talking about the channel. Sam has now made the video private.!

This is a wikia dedicated to the Youtube series Yandere High School, Tokyo Soul and YANDERE by the youtubers samgladiator, Taurtis and Grian on samgladiator's channel.

Almost every day, Sam publishes a 20 minute long episode for the Tokyo Soul series. On some special occasions, he would post 40 minute long episodes.

All of the Minecrafters who take place in the series are all friends of Sam and Taurtis.

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The roleplay is revolved around him and his best friend, Taurtis as they face many life-threatening challenges. Being told his fortune by Majo Ellen, he has been encountering dangerous people, almost getting himself killed once.

After his final fight with the yakuzas and their new oyabun, Sam, along with Grian, Taurtis, and Dom were put into a witness protection program, requiring them to move to Tokyo.

Season 2 of the series thus takes place there, where Sam and his friends are enrolled in a new school, with new friends, new adventures, and new mysteries revealed about the school's staff and students.


Latest Videos
Tokyo Soul - S2 Ep 12
Tokyo Soul - SECRET MISSION! (Minecraft Roleplay) S2 Ep 12

Tokyo Soul - SECRET MISSION! (Minecraft Roleplay) S2 Ep 12

YANDERE - Episode 17
YANDERE - DINNER PARTY! (Minecraft Roleplay) 17

YANDERE - DINNER PARTY! (Minecraft Roleplay) 17

Almost every day, the latest episode of the series will be posted on the wikia.

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