Yuro is a character that rarely talks, but he always does his work and he respects the sensei/teacher a lot, even telling Taurtis to respect sensei/teacher.

Appearance Edit

He has a Navy-dark blue hair that he styled to the front, a Navy-dark blue eye, wears the traditional Highschool uniform with a tail sticking out of his back body, cat ears in each side of his head and also wore a red sneaker

Personality Edit

In the series he didn’t really talk much however he did say a couple of few words and acquaintanced with Sam and Taurtis.but he usually hangout with Jthestar sometimes. However, despite his nature, he respects the teacher‘s even calling Gareth “Sensei”

Trivia Edit

  • He was part of the manga club as we see in episode 5
  • He has trouble waking up early
  • It looks like he respects the teacher as he stood up when Sam and Taurtis was joking around
  • He has a pet cat as we can see him taking it out for a walk in Episode 3